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Making GIFs MOV(e) in Keynote

When I need to highlight an application workflow in a Keynote presentation, I prefer to include a short screen recording of the workflow rather than break out of Keynote and perform the task live. Additionally, I've found it useful to convert those screen captures into animated GIFs[^gifs] which drastically reduces the file size and makes them easier to share across platforms and devices.

However, if you attempt to include those animated GIFs in a Keynote presentation, you'll quickly discover that it will only display the first frame of the GIF file, not the entire series of frames. Luckily, there's a dead simple workaround to get your animations going again:

  1. Duplicate the GIF file
  2. Change the file extension on the copy from GIF to MOV
  3. Drag the MOV file into Keynote

Now, Keynote will treat the file as a movie. You can control the playback properties via the Movie Inspector pane as you would if it were a QuickTime file.

[^gifs]: My current tool of choice for this task is GIF Brewery